It was right after the creation of Statutory Auditor Profession, in Portugal, that our founding partner, Manuel Alberto Martins, ROC 438, founded what is now AMM & Associados, SROC - Alberto Martins, Magalhães & Associados, SROC.

Now composed of four statutory auditors - ROC - and a team of auditors, AMM & Associates, SROC is entered on the list of statutory auditors under number 226 and provides financial auditing services, company valuation and financial advice.

Equipa AMM & Associados, SROC

We believe in the diversity, both cultural and generational, and our team reflects exactly that belief. This includes people with different backgrounds, interests and paths. We understand this diversity as one of the key drivers for success for the quality of the services we provide.

Working with very different companies, we realize that only proximity to our customers allows us to provide high standard service, which adds value to the management and analysis of the company and its surroundings. To achieve these goals, we are constantly focused on the competence and technical updating of our team.



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