Organizations: much more than numbers… they are part of an ecosystem!


Every time we start a financial audit work, the information and knowledge about the industry and the business is undeniably one of the greatest challenges we face. This knowledge is essential, not only to the correct evaluation of all the issues that are in the scope of the financial audit, but also as a way of providing a better and more complete service to the companies and to its management.

Only through deep knowledge of the business we can see beyond the numbers.

Because organizations are much more than numbers and are part of an ecosystem.

 Today we can be proud to have solid experience in several business areas, of which we highlight:

Indústria Alimentar

Food Industry

Indústria Metalúrgica

Metallurgical industry

Distribuição e Transportes

Distribution and Transportation

Indústria Têxtil

Textile industry


Tanning industry


Real Estate




Health sector

Setor não Lucrativo

Non-profit sector


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